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Postsecondary Education

Julia's learning.

High-functioning persons with IDD thrive with a meaningful academic experience that offers educational development and life skills with on-campus living, learning, and working. Participation in inclusive and non-inclusive academic courses leads to credentials, certificates, skill building, and rich learning and collaboration experiences.

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Launching in August 2024, the freshmen enrollment will join students on campus for the fall 2024 semester.



Social Independence


Cohort Driven


Postsecondary Interest Application

Interested in our Postsecondary Program, please fill out this interest form for yourself or your loved one.

If a friend or family member is filling out the information for the interest form, please provide your details below; we will contact this person by default for further information.

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Support this program.

We would love to have your support with the post-secondary program. The post-secondary program is set to launch August 2024.

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