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Julia's working.

Because work is critical to self-determination, self-worth, and autonomy, Julia's Community includes work opportunities on campus. Persons with IDD practice interviewing, time management, workplace communication, and occupational development while working for pay in an inclusive and welcoming environment.


A college campus is a small city, requiring all manner of services and suppliers. Some examples are sports team managers, game day operations, concessions, food services, print services, housekeeping, and building and grounds maintenance.


Employment Application

Sign up for our Employment Program by completing the form below for yourself or your loved one. 

If a friend or family member is filling out the information for the Applicant, please provide your details below; we will contact this person by default for further information.

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Support this program.

We would love to have your support with the employment program. The employment program is set to launch August 2024.

Restaurant Owner
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