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Dr. Jeff Frederick

Board Member

We are thrilled to introduce our new board member, Dr. Jeff Frederick, a visionary leader who brings a wealth of experience, serving as the Provost at Wingate University and holds the rank of Professor of History. Joining the Wingate community in 2020, previously serving as the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, Chair of the Department of History, Faculty Athletic Representative, and Professor of History at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke.


As the Provost, Dr. Jeff Frederick holds a crucial position in shaping the academic environment at Wingate University. His responsibilities encompass the oversight of colleges, schools, programs, and student success functions, ensuring a unified and enriching educational experience for both undergraduate and graduate students at Wingate. Dr. Frederick's influence extends beyond mere administrative duties; he actively contributes to cultivating a dynamic academic community, both within and beyond the campus boundaries. Dr. Frederick's role as Provost uniquely positions him to enhance the academic landscape at Julia's Community, ensuring a vibrant and supportive environment for all.


Dr. Frederick transcends the boundaries of academia, emerging as a passionate speaker delving into a variety of topics, particularly those related to southern history, his primary area of research and publication. His wealth of insights and expertise extends across various mediums, ranging from traditional publications to electronic and media outlets where he writes and speaks on matters of the South and Higher Education leadership.


This broad spectrum of experience uniquely positions Dr. Frederick, bringing a depth of knowledge that resonates with the diverse landscape of Julia's Community—an inclusive environment dedicated to individuals with disabilities. His comprehensive understanding adds a valuable perspective to the community's mission and initiatives. This multifaceted communication approach positions him as a valuable asset in supporting Julia's Community. Dr. Frederick contributes to a collaborative shift in perspectives concerning the lifestyles of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. 

Julia's Community focuses on inclusivity, educational opportunities, employment, and daily living enhancements, creating a cohesive and supportive environment on the Wingate University campus.

His diverse communication skills align with the community's mission, offering valuable contributions to integrate services, support, and residential accommodations for those living with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Julia's Community is exceptionally grateful to have him as part of our diverse and supportive community on the Wingate University campus. His dedication and expertise seamlessly align with our mission, fostering educational opportunities, employment, and daily living enhancements for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Dr. Frederick's visionary leadership significantly contributes to the collaborative and supportive atmosphere we aim to cultivate within Julia's Community.


Dr. Jeff Frederick
Board Member | Provost, Wingate University
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