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Dr. Rhett Brown

Board Member

Introducing Dr. Rhett Brown as the newest Board Member of Julia's Community. Hailing from rural South Carolina, Dr. Brown holds the distinction of being the first in his family to pursue education beyond high school. His academic journey includes a BA in English from Wingate College, an MBA from Wingate University, and a Doctor of Education (EdD) from the prestigious University of Alabama.

Throughout his career, Dr. Brown has exemplified an unwavering commitment to the growth and advancement of educational institutions. From his early roles as Associate Dean of Students and University Planning Officer to his impactful tenure as Dean of Enrollment Management and Vice President for Student Life and Enrollment Services, Dr. Brown's dedication to nurturing and supporting students has been evident.

In recognition of his exceptional impact and achievements, Dr. Brown was appointed as the President of Wingate University, where he has successfully led the institution for over eight years. During his tenure, he has championed the First-Generation Orientation Bridge Program, established a transformative high school mentoring program to empower at-risk youth in pursuing higher education, and fostered collaborations with six area community colleges to facilitate seamless transfers for students seeking bachelor's degrees.

Dr. Brown's vision and passion extend beyond traditional education. He ardently advocates for creating an inclusive environment that embraces individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, enabling them to thrive as proud members of the college community. Driven by his belief in the transformative power of education and the potential within each individual, he plays a pivotal role in making Julia's Community a reality at Wingate University.

Through Julia's Community, students who might have faced barriers to college education are now encouraged to wholeheartedly embrace the college experience as proud Bulldogs. Dr. Brown's leadership at the forefront of this initiative inspires and motivates students, clients, and families to join hands in creating an inclusive, empowering, and transformative learning environment.

Dr. Rhett Brown
Board Member | President at Wingate University
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